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Bid Critera

Key to Success

The Nichol-Young Foundation is a small charity which receives many applications, so unfortunately we cannot fund the majority of projects sent to us.  Funding decisions are made quarterly and applicants will be informed only if they are successful by the end of each quarter.  To aid decisions, the trustees have some essential and some preferential criteria, which indicate the kinds of causes the Foundation is most likely to support.


Essential Criteria:

Small charities or individuals
The Trustees are generally disinclined to make grants to large charities that are more likely to command the sympathy and support of large grant-making bodies.

A clear idea of what the money will spent on
Unfortunately, the Foundation is not able to send cheques to individuals, without evidence of what it will be spent on.  For example, we are very happy to receive applications from individuals or charities looking to purchase specific equipment, such as wheelchairs, travel cards, laptops etc.  However, we are rarely able to help when individuals are looking for a certain amount of money to ease cost of living.

If possible, we would like to see references for your application. This applies particularly to individuals as we do need independent confirmation that the application is covering a legitimate need.  If possible, your reference should be someone connected to the application, but not a family friend. 


Preferential Criteria:

Young people
The Trust tries, as much as possible, to fund causes that would be beneficial to young people.

Music and art
In line with Miss Nichol’s interests, the Foundation works to promote music and art.

The environment was another key interest to the founders, and so this is a consideration in projects funded to this day.


Locality to East Anglia
While we welcome applications from across the UK, the roots of the Foundation are firmly planted in the region of East Anglia.

In line with the interests of our most recent Trustees, the Foundation aims to support individuals and small charities involved in building up a strong and supportive community.

Social justice
The Trust works to help those who perhaps feel marginalised by society or who wish to improve their life skills so that they in turn can then be of benefit to others.

It must be emphasised though that these preferential criteria are only a guideline to our Trustees.  Grants are made entirely at the discretion of the Trustees and  demand often far exceeds the income available, meaning hard choices have to be made.

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